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The Handi-Racker is a Pistol Racking Assistive Device. It allows you to use your arms and body to rack the slide without depending upon your grip strength. If you've ever had a jammed slide and couldn't free it using just the strength of your hands, this is the solution.

Easily & Safely Clear Jams
Helps in Disassembly & Assembly
Hard Plastic will Not Scratch Slide Finish
Light Weight & Easy to Carry
Color Coded Sizes for Easy Identification

Keep one in your range bag, right next to your squib rod!

Easy to Use
1) Place
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2) Rack
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Available Sizes:*
Small (Blue): 3/4″ – Fits Ruger® LCP, Keltec P3-AT, M&P Bodyguard. - (T1539-SM)
Medium (Black): 7/8″ – Fits Keltec PF9, Ruger® LC9, Bersa 380 - (T1539-MD) — SOLD OUT!
Large (Gold): 1-1/16″ – Fits most Glocks, Springfield XD & M series, Keltec PF11, most M&Ps, 1911s - (T1539-LG) — SOLD OUT!
X-Large (Tan): 1-19/64″ – Fits .45 cal. Glocks, .45-cal. Springfield XD & M series, .45 cal. Hi Point - (T1539-XL)

* The firearms listed above are only a small example of the handguns that each Handi-Racker size will operate. Measure the slide width of your firearm at the top of the muzzle then refer to the sizes listed above.

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