OPFOR Magazine Carrier
OPFOR Magazine Carrier
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Discontinued by Manufacturer.

The OPFOR™ Magazine Carrier features a lidless Positive Magazine Retention (PMR) system. Magazines are automatically locked in place, just like in your weapon's magazine well, yet can be quickly and easily withdrawn from the OPFOR™ by applying a simple twist and pull. This eliminates the need for flaps or bungee cords that prevent access to your next magazine.

Lidless Positive Magazine Retention for AR-15 / M4 Compatible Magazines
Securely Carry Magazines in Normal or Inverted Orientations
Fast & Secure Attachment to 2x2 MOLLE/PALs Surfaces with RSEE
Attachment Slots for Stacking OPFORs
Made from High Strength Polymer
Available in Coyote Brown
Weighs Only 2.8 oz

OPFOR PMR System OPFOR PMR 2 Mags Rapidly Scalable Equipment Ensemble (RSEE)
The OPFOR™ Magazine Carrier features the new MOLLE/PALs attachment system the Rapidly Scalable Equipment Ensemble (RSEE). RSEE allows you to mount and dismount the OPFOR™ from 2x2 MOLLE/PALs surfaces in seconds. Now you can finally take full advantage of the modular nature of your equipment.

The OPFOR™ Magazine Carrier works with Standard metal mags and with PMAG magazines. It does not work well the Thermold magazines. It does not work at all with Sig Sauer 551-A1 30rd magazines.

The image at left shows the RSEE unlatched. The image at right shows two OPFOR™ Mag Carriers coupled using the RSEE system.

Belt Adapter
NEW! Belt Adapter
Each OPFOR™ Magazine Carrier now comes with a Belt Adapter.
The Belt Adapter allows the OPFOR™ Magazine Carrier to be
mounted on most belts up to 1-7/8″ wide.
The OPFOR™ Magazine Carrier can be attached and detached
from the Belt Adapter without unthreading it from the belt.

OPFOR with 10rd Magazines?
For the folks using 10 or 20 round magazines Limitless Gear recommends installing Magpul Ranger Plates on their magazines. These provide an extension off the bottom of the magazine allowing anyone to use OPFOR Magazine Carriers with these shorter magazines. To go to see the Magpul Ranger Plate, just Click Here.

The image below shows three OPFOR™ Mag Carriers
mounted on a MOLLE/PALs vest plate. OPFOR on MOLLE/PALs Surface

Videos of the OPFOR™ Magazine Carrier.

Patent Pending
OPFOR is a trademark of Limitless Gear.
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