Degreezer Small Parts Cleaning System
Degreezer Small Parts Cleaning System
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The "Degreezer" consists of a 12″ x 6″ x 4.5″ polypropylene tray with an angled drainage surface and a well with a perforated basket for soaking and draining small parts. The angled surface is ribbed to prevent parts from rolling into the well.

Parts Cleaning Tray
Parts Cleaning Basket
Cover for Parts Cleaning Tray
Double-Ended Nylon Brush

Parts Basket and Soaking Well
Small parts and even complete trigger groups and bolt assemblies can be placed
in the basket, the well filled with solvent to cover the parts, and the parts left to soak
for extended periods. Then the basket can be withdrawn, draining all the parts. The
parts can then be brushed to remove all contaminates. The soaking well holds
14oz of your favorite firearms cleaner.

Cover with Brush Holder
The set includes a cover with an integral holder for the Double-Ended Nylon Brush. This means that solvent can be left in the well of the Degreezer, with the cover in place, so that it is ready for the next cleaning session.*

Resistand to Gun Cleaning Solvents
The tray, cover, and basket are made from polypropylene plastic. This has been proven to be impervious to all popular commercial cleaning solutions. It will also resist kerosene, acetone, and gasoline.**

* The lid does not seal completely so evaporation will still occur. If it will not be used for more than a day, the cleaning solution should be drained into an appropriate sealed container.
** Highly flammable solvents like kerosene, acetone and gasoline should never be used for cleaning guns. In addition to being highly flammable, they may damage certain firearm materials and finishes. They are only mentioned here as an indication of the chemical resistance of the polypropylene material.

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Dimensions (overall) 12″L x 6″W x 4.5″H
Soaker Basket Dimensions (internal) 5.3″L x 2.5″W x 1.25″D
Solvent Well Capacity 14oz
Material Polypropylene
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