Brass Primer Magazine Tube Ends
Brass Primer Magazine Tube Ends
Replaces Small (left) & Large (right) Flexible Orifice
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These Brass Primer Magazine Tube Ends replace the plastic "Flexible Orifice" on Dillon Primer Magazine Tubes for RL 550 and XL 750 presses. They work better the the original plastic parts, won't wear out, and are much less susceptible to damage when converting the primer system from one primer size to the other.

Precision Machined Brass
Easy Press Fit Installation *
Replaces Large and Small "Flexible Orifice" **
No Need to Orient Tip when Installing in Primer System

Tested and confirmed to work on RL 550 and XL 750 presses.
Will NOT fit XL 650, RL 1050 or Super 1050 Presses as the tips on those
Primer Magazine Tubes are a bit shorter and larger diameter.
? May also work on Square Deal 'B' and RL 1100 press but it has not yet
? been tested.

NOTE: These brass tips ARE NOT INTENDED FOR and WILL NOT WORK ON Primer Pickup Tubes! They are ONLY for use on the Primer Magazine Tubes that are installed inside the Primer Housing and Shield.

† Primer Magazine Tubes shown in photo are not included,
* Some Primer Magazine Tubes may require Loctite.
** Flexible Orifice Large (#14003) and Flexible Orifice Small (#14024)
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Customer Reviews

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CONFIRMED - These work on the SDBHave been having trouble with the last 2-3 primers exiting the primer magazine tube, even after replacing the plastic tip. These fixed that problem. Easy install, great fit. Written by Tulsa on Sun 23 Aug 2020 4:26:30 PM GMT
Must HaveDL 550C - not one primer feed issue since installing - plastic tips on the primer feed tubes? Dillon step over a Dollar to pick up a Dime with that decision..
Buy this up grade you will not regret it..
Written by Cliff Fleming on Thu 6 Aug 2020 4:18:18 AM GMT
Awesome Fix!Awesome fix! The brass tips that replace the plastic ones on the primer magazine tube are the solution to a big problem I was having with my XL750. The brand new, never used, plastic tip was not allowing the primer to drop into the primer cup. After installing the brass tip priming works flawlessly. Also, by being brass, the tip is far superior with respect to durability. The plastic tip can get mangled if the knurled cap is over tightened. Innovation for the Win! Written by G. Kaine on Tue 21 Jul 2020 4:01:55 PM GMT
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