Quick-Release Case Cleaner Knob
Quick-Release Case Cleaner Knob
Quick Release KnobQuick Release Knob - How to UseQuick Release Knob on Dillon Case Cleaner
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Now Available Also in 5/16″-18 and 3/8″-16

This Quick-Release Case Cleaner Knob replaces the ordinary hand knob or wing nut on most vibratory case cleaners. The Quick-Release feature lets you get the knob on and off quickly without having to spin it the full length of the threaded spindle.

Just 1-1/2 Turns to Tighten
Brass Threaded Insert
Large 2.25″ Diameter
Recessed Top Safeguards Tip of Threaded Spindle

Available Sizes

How It Works
– The knob is tilted slightly and then slid down over the
threaded spindle. (see drawings at right **)
– When in position, the knob is brought into a straight
position … mating the two threaded segments within
the knob to the threads on the spindle.
– The knob is then turned clockwise until snug … just
1-1/2 to 1-3/4 turns.

Watch this Demonstration of the Quick-Release Case Cleaner Knob!

Spindle must extend at least 3/4″ above cover of case cleaner for this Quick-Release knob to work.
** Line drawings are for instructional purposes only and are not identical to actual product.
Case cleaner shown in photo and video is not included.
Made in Germany

Style 5-Star
Diameter 2.25″
Height (Overall) 1.5″
Available Thread Sizes 1/4″-20
Threaded Length 0.75″
Threaded Insert Material Brass
Handle Material Polypropylene
Weight 1.38oz (39g)
Color Blue

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 3 reviews: 5.0
Remarkably Easy UpgradeI ordered these in the 1/4 X 20 and the 3/8 X 16 size for my Thumler's extra large (57lb) and small (10lb) size case cleaners. Why I didn't do this sooner, I don't know. I hate standing there and twisting on and off the wing nuts for 5 minutes--that is once you spend time trying to get them to engage. With these, I just drop them on and turn a couple times and the lids are on tight. To take them off I just loosen them by a turn or two and lift them the rest of the way off. If you use a tumbler/vibratory cleaner, get these knobs--it's a simple, rock-solid, time saving product. Written by Sonny Ftr on Sat 9 Jan 2021 10:47:34 PM GMT
Really niceI ordered the 1/4" version not realizing, or really not paying attention to the fact I needed the 3/8 version. They went out of their way to get that manufactured and sent to me.
Really speeds up the annoying process of screwing down the tumbler lid. Much recommended.
Written by Nicholas J Tedesche on Wed 23 Dec 2020 1:35:51 PM GMT
Why Didn't I Get This Sooner??I was pretty skeptical about this knob when I first saw it. How hard is it to remove the standard knob and why would I want to replace it? So I put all my doubts aside knowing that all of the products I have purchased from UniqueTek where worth it and I bought the knob. I took it to my loading shed, took out my Dillon 750 vibratory case cleaner and took off the existing know as I have done for the 14 years or so that I have owned this unit. I put the UniqueTek know on and in just a couple of turns it was tightened down on the top of the cover as it should be. Even better, in just a couple of turns i was able to remove it. WOW!! Easy on, easy off. This know works and is worth every penny of its cost. Thanks Lee for making it available to us. Written by Paul Lichtenstein on Thu 10 Dec 2020 3:37:30 AM GMT
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