Powder Bar Spacer Bolt Kit
Powder Bar Spacer Bolt Kit
Powder Bar Spacer Bolt InstalledNew - Large Kit for 8 Powder Measures
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The Powder Bar Spacer Bolts in this kit replace the white plastic Powder Bar Spacer Plugs (#13921) on Dillon Precision powder measures. By using this bolt instead of the original plastic plug, the Powder Bar Spacer is anchored solidly in place and can't creep back and forth as the powder bar cycles. Even a small movement of the Spacer can present a ledge that disturbs the smooth flow of powder to the powder bar.

Using a Shim on your Powder Bar Spacer?
If you have installed a shim on top of your Powder Bar Spacer to stop leakage with ultra-fine-grained powders, this kit will help keep the shim from working out of position by clamping it between the Powder Bar Spacer and Powder Measure Body.

Included in Kit
4 Stainless Steel Powder Bar Spacer Bolts
4 Stainless Steel Shim Washers
1 #8-32 Hand Tap
1 3/32″ Hex Wrench
† Enough parts to modify 4 powder measures.

NEW Large Kit Includes ^
8 Stainless Steel Powder Bar Spacer Bolts
8 Stainless Steel Shim Washers
1 #8-32 Hand Tap
1 3/32″ Hex Wrench
^ Enough parts to modify 8 powder measures.

Works with most versions of the Dillon Powder Measure,
including (but not limited to) #20421, #22221 and #20782.
For use with Small and Extra Small Powder Bars only.
Works with Arredondo Powder Drop Slide.

Not Needed with Large, Extra Large or Magnum Powder Bars.
Cannot be used on Dillon Belted Magnum Powder System.
Cannot be used on SL 900, RL 1000 or RL 450 Powder Measures.

Q: Does this installation make any permanent modifications to my powder
Q: measures?
A: The only permanent modification is to the Powder Bar Spacer (threading
Q: the hole #8-32). But, even after threading, it can still be used with the original
Q: Powder Bar Spacer Plug.

Tap HandleTap Handle: $5.95
This nifty "tap handle" is actually a key for winding a clock, but it is the perfect size to fit the small thread tap in this kit.

It is smaller and less cumbersome to use than a standard tap handle, making it easier to align the tap squarely with the hole and making tap breakage less likely.

Just select it from the drop-down menu when ordering.
Note: This is the very same Tap Handle that was available with our Toolhead Clamp Kits™ purchased prior to 3/10/21. So if you already have one of those, you are good to go!
Designed by UniqueTek, Inc.
Powder Measure shown in photo is not included.
Made in USA

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Very Easy to InstallToday I installed the bolt kit to my 9mm powder spacer bar. Thanks to your comprehensive instructions and very useful tips, it took me less time to install than it did to read the instructions. Written by Michael B on Thu 16 Feb 2023 4:14:05 PM GMT
Didn't Expect This to Work.Well, I bought this because I've seen the top powder bar spacer on my Dillon XL750 shift ever so slightly at times. It was easy to install (took all of 5 minutes) and follow the directions--you have to drain the powder measures or you'll make a huge mess--as I managed to do! Once I got it installed, it was rock solid and I can't believe how much more accurate my powder measure throws are--I set it at 4.7gr. of Vihtavuori N320 and I checked 50 consecutive cases and every single one was exactly 4.7gr. Before, I had results of anywhere between 3.5 and 5.0gr. so it's an amazing fix. If you use a powder measure, get this simple upgrade. Written by Sonny Ftr on Sat 9 Jan 2021 10:32:23 PM GMT
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