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Golf Club Demooner Tool (SKU: T1420)Golf Club Demooner Tool (SKU: T1420)Each of these demooners is hand made by Dan Furbee using recycled steel golf club shafts. Available in sizes for 9mm, .38, .40/10mm and .45. See product page to order.
Moon Clip Checker (SKU: T1708)Moon Clip Checker (SKU: T1708)These checkers are precision machined to match the minimum chamber dimensions and chamber spacing of your revolver's cylinder. Safely checks that a loaded moon clip will function properly without loading it into your revolver's cylinder. Available for most popular S&W Revolvers.
Moon Clip Extractor Tool (SKU: T1403)Moon Clip Extractor Tool (SKU: T1403)The Moon Clip Extractor by Ranch Products, is a handy tool to "demoon" moon clips. Works with all calibers and all moon clips.
Moon Clip Flatness Plate (SKU: T1711)Moon Clip Flatness Plate (SKU: T1711)Moon Clip Flatness Plate allows you to check the flatness of your moon clips before you load them.
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