Mini-14 Acccessories
Ruger Mini-14 Acccessories
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Mini-14 Sight Mount (SKU: T1721)Mini-14 Sight Mount (SKU: T1721)Specifically for Rugerfont style="vertical-align:top; font-size:4pt;">® Mini-14font style="vertical-align:top; font-size:4pt;">® Rifles. It is one piece, solid, investment cast metal. Attaches to gas block … replacing top section of original gas block. Will NOT work with Heavy Barrels.
Mini-14/30 Recoil Buffer (SKU: T1748-03)Mini-14/30 Recoil Buffer (SKU: T1748-03)The Mini-14/30 Recoil Buffer™ works the same as the M1A/M14 Buffer, by eliminating the op rod contact with the receiver. Protects your operating rod … the weak link in the system … from excessive shock. (T1748-03)
Stripper Clip Loading Block (SKU: T1701)Stripper Clip Loading Block (SKU: T1701)This Stripper Clip Loading Block speeds loading .223/5.56 Ammo onto Stripper Clips. Works with all USGI, Thermold and RUAG/GECO stripper clips.
THERMOLD .223 Stripper Clips (SKU: T1313)THERMOLD .223 Stripper Clips (SKU: T1313)THERMOLD™ Stripper Clips for .223/5.56mm NATO rifle cartridges are made from Zytel® nylon and work with GI stripper clip guides and with StripLULA stripper clip loader. Available in 10 count, 100 count and 1000 count packages. (See web page to select package size.)
Thermold AR15 Charger w 10 Stripper Clips (SKU: T1313-K)Thermold AR15 Charger w 10 Stripper Clips (SKU: T1313-K)THERMOLD™ AR15/M16 Magazine Charger with 10 THERMOLD™ Stripper Clips.
Threaded Barrel Adapter (SKU: T1717)Threaded Barrel Adapter (SKU: T1717)This thread adapter converts from 1/2″-28 threads to 5/8″-24 threads. It is made from corrosion free stainless steel.
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