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"Fireswitch" Extended Magazine Release for Ruger 10/22 (SKU: T1693)"Fireswitch" Extended Magazine Release for Ruger 10/22 (SKU: T1693)The “Fireswitch" Extended Magazine Release makes changing 10/22® magazines easier. A unique dual action lever allows you to pull back or push forward to drop magazines. Longer than the stock release lever, putting in in reach for all users.
.32 Cal. Wad Cutter Powder Funnel (SKU: T1672-05).32 Cal. Wad Cutter Powder Funnel (SKU: T1672-05)Specifically designed for loading wad cutter bullets in .32 S&W Long for Bullseye competition. It provides full length case expansion for loading Hollow Base Wadcutter bullets … preventing swaging the bullet base.
.32 Caliber Powder Funnels (SKU: T1672).32 Caliber Powder Funnels (SKU: T1672)The Custom Rifle Powder Funnel for .32 cal. pistol cartridges. Smoother interior for smooth powder flow and less powder bridging. Precision machined from top grade 12L14 Steel and hardened to RC55+.
650 FailSafe Bracket Kit (SKU: T1677)650 FailSafe Bracket Kit (SKU: T1677)This FailSafe Bracket is machined from 1/4″ 303 Stainless Steel. It is very strong and rigid … ensuring that your powder bar returns fully every time. Plus it features a brass shoulder washer that is held in place with set screws … ensuring that the shoulder washer can't disengage from the Failsafe Bracket!
ADIGS Gas Key Retrofit Kit (SKU: T1600)ADIGS Gas Key Retrofit Kit (SKU: T1600)The ADIGS™ (Adjustable Drop In Gas System) is Designed for AR10 / AR15 Direct Impingement Gas Systems. It simply replaces any standard gas key and allows you to easily and precisely adjust gas pressure.
Ammo-Burr Inner Chamfering Tool (SKU: T1722)Ammo-Burr Inner Chamfering Tool (SKU: T1722)The Ammo-Burr is an industrial quality tool for the inside deburring and chamfering of cases from 17-caliber up to 45-caliber.
ARIES Powder Ram (SKU: T1308)ARIES Powder Ram (SKU: T1308)Powder Compression Die compresses powder before the bullet is seated, preventing bullet deformation and accuracy loss. Available for for rifle cartridges using .224, .243, .264, .284, .308 and .45 caliber bullet, and for 9mm, .38 cal. and .45 cal. pistol cartridges. See the product page for complete information.
CNC Machined 550/650 Toolheads (SKU: T1333)CNC Machined 550/650 Toolheads (SKU: T1333)CNC machined toolheads for Dillon RL 550, XL 650 and XL 750 reloading presses. Made from solid 6061-T6 aluminum and machined to exacting standards.
Deer Hunter Pen (SKU: T1265-06)Deer Hunter Pen (SKU: T1265-06)This unique Bolt Action Pen is hand crated exclusively for UniqueTek by Silver Fox Pens. The pen ia available in Arizona Desert Ironwood (shown in photo) or Australian Eucalyptus Burl. Each pen is unique and there will be differences in color and grain between individual pens. (See the product web page for detailed photos.)
Desert Camo Pen (SKU: T1265-05)Desert Camo Pen (SKU: T1265-05)This unique Desert Camo Pen is hand crated exclusively for UniqueTek by Silver Fox Pens. It features a "Bolt Action" to extend/retract the pen tip, a pocket clip that looks like a high power rifle with scope and a barrel made from Desert Camo Acrylic. (See the product web page for detailed photos.)
Original Bob Sled (SKU: T1354)Original Bob Sled (SKU: T1354)The Original Bob Sled Single Round Loading Device For Slow-Fire Competition, Benchrest and Varminting.
ProHands Tactical (SKU: T1589)ProHands Tactical (SKU: T1589)Dry-firing is not enough. You must train your entire hand, wrist & forearm to lock on the target. Prohands is the No. 1 hand exerciser in the world thanks to spring-loaded pistons for each finger. We added a laser sight for tactical training, and the combination is key. Outside the range, Prohands is the most effective way to train for accuracy. Available in 4 levels of tension.
Rifle Powder Funnels (SKU: T1632)Rifle Powder Funnels (SKU: T1632)The Custom Rifle Powder Funnel for .30 cal. rifle cartridges. Smoother interior for smooth powder flow and less powder bridging. Precision machined from top grade 12L14 Steel and hardened to RC55+.
Shell Sorter (SKU: T1356)Shell Sorter (SKU: T1356)The Shell Sorter™ is a simple product designed to reduce the time spent sorting brass by caliber, allowing you to enjoy more time reloading and shooting. (See web page to select the correct Shell Sorter™ configuration for your needs.)
Sight-Bloc (SKU: T1461)Sight-Bloc (SKU: T1461)Sight-Bloc™ is superior to sandbags and metal rests for sighting in a rifle. Its molded rubber construction provides a stable rifle rest that can be easily repositioned to provide three different heights.
Single Stage Powder Die Kit (SKU: T1702)Single Stage Powder Die Kit (SKU: T1702)This Custom Powder Die allows you to use Dillon style powder funnels on any single stage press. It also allows you to use 3rd party powder funnels that don't have a set screw groove near the top. It features a threaded cap that allows powder funnel to float. With the Cap removed, it can also be used with a Dillon Powder Measure.
SliX Shotshell Checker/Sizer Combo (SKU: T1715-02)SliX Shotshell Checker/Sizer Combo (SKU: T1715-02)The SliX Shotshell Checker/Sizer Combo combines the original SliX-Sizer with a case gauge. Insert your shotshell into one end to round out the crimp, then insert it onto the other end to gauge the entire shell.
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