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Established November 2003
Welcome to UniqueTek!

UniqueTek was started out of frustration over trying to find specialty products for reloading and other aspects of shooting sports. Some of our products are custom designed by us to fit needs that haven't been met elsewhere. Others are commercially available but difficult to find. UniqueTek brings these hard to find items together in one convenient web site.


Power Factor Chart for Download
This handy chart lists Bullet Weights and Power Factors and the muzzle velocities need to achieve that Power Factor. Power Factors are listed for SASS, ICORE, IDPA, USPSA and Steel Challenge. The chart was created by and provided compliments of RevolverSupply.com and BangAndClangLLC.com. It is available for download in PDF format on the Bang and Clang Bullets "Landing Page". Click Here

It's not just unique, it's UniqueTek!
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