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Advantage Tactical Sight (ATS) (SKU: T1264)Advantage Tactical Sight (ATS) (SKU: T1264)Advantage Tactical Sight (ATS) corrects the disadvantages of traditional iron sight arrangements. Available for most popular pistols. (See the product page for available models and compatibility.)
Airsoft Propane Adapter (SKU: T1488)Airsoft Propane Adapter (SKU: T1488)This adapter allows you to power your Green Gas airsoft gun with inexpensive and readily available propane.
AR <i>SLICKER</i> (SKU: T1543)AR SLICKER (SKU: T1543)The AR SLICKER™ is the latest in protective gear for your Tactical Rifle. Protects rifle and mounted accessories from rain, brush scratches, etc. Fits, tactical rifles from 30″ to 43&Prome; length ... including the M4 and other AR Carbines.
Big Boss II Reloading Press (SKU: T1405)Big Boss II Reloading Press (SKU: T1405)This top of the line single station press has the largest window opening and longest usable ram stroke of any in its class. It has all the desirable features of the original "Boss" reloading press, but is built on heavier frame with a 1″ diameter ram and longer 3.8″ usable ram stroke for reloading the largest magnum cartridges.
Bore-tips (SKU: T1507)Bore-tips (SKU: T1507)Bore-tips™ are tough, reusable foam tips engineered for a tight bore fit that provides 360 degree contact with the bore. No more messing with jags or having to load poor fitting patches to the cleaning rod. Washable and reusable. (See product web page to order the correct sizes for your firearms.)
Bullseye AmmoCam (SKU: T1596-01)Bullseye AmmoCam (SKU: T1596-01)The Bullseye AmmoCam allows you to clearly see where each bullet impacted the target. Setup is as simple as setting the Bullseye AmmoCam target camera downrange, downloading our free app and seeing your shot on your mobile device. Available in "Sight-In" and "Long Range" models. See web page for details.
Concealed Carry Belly Band (SKU: T1564)Concealed Carry Belly Band (SKU: T1564)The Belly Band is one of the most versatile and most comfortable methods of concealment available. The heavy duty elastic will securely hold your conceal carry weapon and two additional magazines without adding a lot of bulk under your shirt. Available in 2 Sizes: Small (28″ to 34″) or Large (36″ to 44″). (See product web page to select the size you need.)
Concealment Vest (SKU: T1432)Concealment Vest (SKU: T1432)This concealment vest is designed to draw little attention in a comfortable style. Specially designed gun pockets to accommodate both left and right hand shooters. Durable Material: 80% Polyester/20% Cotton. (See product page for details and to select your size.)
EyeShield (SKU: T1430)EyeShield (SKU: T1430)The EYESHIELD™ is a flexible molded rubber material that attaches to the eye piece of the binocular or spotting scope. The EYESHIELD™ cradles your eye and prevents ambient light from entering into the space between your eye and the eyepiece of the field optic that causes lens glare. An added benefit is the EYESHIELD™ protects the eyes from wind, rain, snow and dust. This is a must have for everyone who uses binoculars and spotting scopes. (See web site for options.)
Gun Storage Desiccant (SKU: T1529)Gun Storage Desiccant (SKU: T1529)Gun Storage Desiccant bags. Three (3) individually sealed bags per package. Each bag protects up to 3 cubic feet.
Handi-Racker (SKU: T1539)Handi-Racker (SKU: T1539)The Handi-Racker is a Pistol Racking Assistive Device. It allows you to use your arms and body to rack the slide without requiring a strong grip on the slide. (See web page for details and to order the correct size for your pistol.)
Holster-Mate Mattress Bracket with Holster (SKU: T1565)Holster-Mate Mattress Bracket with Holster (SKU: T1565)The Bedside Gun Bracket simply slips between your mattress and box springs and supports your handgun via a belt clip style holster (included). Since a holster is included, you won't need to remove your carry holster from your belt to hang it on the bracket. But the Bedside Gun Bracket will work with most belt clip style holsters. (See web page to select the holster size you need.)
King Arms Green Gas (SKU: T1483)King Arms Green Gas (SKU: T1483)King Arms Green Gas, 8oz Can. Compatible with all airsoft and air guns that use Green Gas.
KynSHOT (SKU: T1504)KynSHOT (SKU: T1504)KynSHOT™ hydraulic recoil dampers for .308 caliber AR rifles. See product page for complete specifications and to order the correct model for your AR rifle.
Magazine for Blackwater 1911 R2 Airsoft Pistol (SKU: T1490-M)Magazine for Blackwater 1911 R2 Airsoft Pistol (SKU: T1490-M)This magazine fits the Blackwater 1911 R2 CO2 powered airsoft pistol. The magazine holds 16 6mm airsoft BBs plus it contains the CO2 cartridge.
Magazine for S&W M&P Airsoft Gun (SKU: T1493-M)Magazine for S&W M&P Airsoft Gun (SKU: T1493-M)This magazine fits the Colt M1911 A1 CO2 powered airsoft pistol. The magazine holds 25 6mm BBs plus it contains the Green Gas reservoir.
OPFOR Magazine Carrier (SKU: T1540)OPFOR Magazine Carrier (SKU: T1540)The OPFOR™ Magazine Carrier features a lidless Positive Magazine Retention (PMR) system. Magazines are automatically locked in place, just like in your weapon's magazine well, and can be quickly and easily withdrawn from the OPFOR™ by applying a simple twist and pull.
Platinum Series Airsoft BBs (SKU: T1495)Platinum Series Airsoft BBs (SKU: T1495)SWISS ARMS Platinum Series .20g 6mm Airsoft BBs, white. Guaranteed round to ±.01mm. Ideal for High Power and High Speed Airsoft rifles and pistols. 5000 BBs in zipper seal bag.
Remington Gun Cleaning Kit (SKU: T1675)Remington Gun Cleaning Kit (SKU: T1675)Remington Gun Cleaning Kit with REM SQUEEG-E. Includes SQUEEG-Es for 22/223/5.56, 30/308/7.62mm, 357/380/9mm and 44/45. (See web page for complete list of kit contents.)
Ultradot 30mm Red Dot Sight (SKU: T1657)Ultradot 30mm Red Dot Sight (SKU: T1657)Uultradot 30mm Red Dot Scope (Model UD30B). Features four dot sizes - 2, 4 ,6 and 8 MOA and a 30mm diameter tube. Black matte finish.
Ultradot 6 Advanced Tactical Aiming System (SKU: T1660)Ultradot 6 Advanced Tactical Aiming System (SKU: T1660)The Ultradot 6 was built at the request of our loyal customers who wanted anUltradot for their Assault Rifle too. It had to be versatile, rugged in itsconstruction and appearance, have a greater field of view, precision adjustmentsand "on the fly" bullet drop compensation. The end result is the Ultradot 6. Thefirst Tactical styled sight in Ultradot's history.
Ultradot HD-Micro (SKU: T1661)Ultradot HD-Micro (SKU: T1661)The HD-Micro from Ultradot is a high quality red dot sight, engineered to give you the smaller size and weight of an open style sight with the strength and durability of a tube model. It boasts many new features never before seen on an Ultradot product.
Ultradot L/T (SKU: T1658)Ultradot L/T (SKU: T1658)The Ultradot L/T is engineered to give you the advantage of a red dot sight in a compact, lightweight designThe achromatic reflex BK 7 optical lens produces a clear high resolution image, and the 26mm diameter allows a wide field of view. 4 MOA dot size. Integral rail mount system.
Ultradot Matchdot (SKU: T1655)Ultradot Matchdot (SKU: T1655)Uultra Dot Match Dot Red Dot Scope. Features four dot sizes - 2, 4, 6 and 8 MOA and a 30mm diameter tube. Black/Silver matte finish.
Ultradot Matchdot II (SKU: T1656)Ultradot Matchdot II (SKU: T1656)The Matchdot II red dot sight has 4 dot sizes (2, 4, 6 and 8 MOA) plus two reticle patterns for added flexibility. Elevation adjustments can be made "on the fly" with the new Bullet Drop Compensator knob and the all black finish is as rugged as it looks.
Ultradot Pan-A-V (SKU: T1659)Ultradot Pan-A-V (SKU: T1659)The Ultradot Pan-A-V is engineered to give you the advantage of a red dot sight in a compact, lightweight, waterproof and shockproof design … whether you use it for rapid fire shooting of moving targets, or normal shootingThe 33mm diagonal allows unlimited eye relief and a wide field of view. 4 MOA dot size with 4 reticles. Integral rail mount system.
VersaCarry Gen II - 40 S&W Small (SKU: T1444-40SM)VersaCarry Gen II - 40 S&W Small (SKU: T1444-40SM)VersaCarry Gen II - 40 S&W Small
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